CompSAT Health, Safety and Nutrition

May 15th, 2013 by admin

If you are an educator you probably will never appreciate how much what you do influences the lives of those you work with. If you are working with children, you have the responsibility to keep them safe and healthy. Many health standards are necessary to make your work environment one that is safe and maintains the health of those who you serve. The CompSAT Health, Safety and Nutrition seminar course is one that teaches those working with children the skills to know how to keep them safe, healthy and happy.

There is no seminar that is more important to educators than the CompSAT Health, Safety and Nutrition. It is a program that covers and teaches every aspect of public health in schools, nurseries and daycares. There are so many ways for germs to get transmitted, learning how to stop the spread of disease and illness in any facility is integral to keeping its inhabitants healthy.

What CompSAT Health, Safety and Nutrition teaches

If there is ever an emergency while you are at work would you know what to do? The CompSAT Health, Safety and Nutrition teaches educators the very best in emergency preparedness. There are so many emergencies to plan for, covering the best ways to handle them will insure that whatever crisis you are met with, you know how best to handle and to minimize any injuries or catastrophes from it. The course teaches basic survival skills as well as disaster preparedness. You will know how to behave, and what to do no matter what happens.

You spend so much time with children everyday, you have a huge impact on their overall health. The CompSAT Health, Safety and Nutrition will teach you skills to stop the spread of disease through:

• Illness prevention
• Hand washing techniques
• Diapering and toiling practices to minimize transmission of disease
• Coughing into the elbow to stop the spread of viruses
• How to manage runny noses
• How to dispense medications to keep children safe

You are also responsible for giving the children life skills to last a life time. By teaching them the proper ways of self care you are giving them the tools they need to excel in life. The CompSAT Health, Safety and Nutrition program will go through the proper techniques to by teaching:

• Good nutrition
• Infant feeding
• Self-Care
• Tooth-Brushing

Since most learning centers also cook or serve food, it is crucial that they understand how to handle food to keep it safe for those they are serving. Knowing how to handle foods so that there is no transmission of disease, or contamination, is a skill that everyone should know. Not only will the teachers learn how to serve food properly, they can give the knowledge they have to their students. Everything that you learn as an educator, you have the ability to pass along to your students. Learning how to keep yourself healthy and those around you, is an important skill that will make you a better teacher and educator.


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